We have some projects here that we are particulalry proud of and that showcase the various skillsets within the team.


Here's a snaphot of some of our recent projects.......

3D Visualisation

JULY 9, 2018
A 3D Visualisation can be an invaluable tool for many reasons. We created a collection of 3D renders for this impressive glazed residential property so that the client could make informed decisions about the design that they might not have been able to make having looked at just the 2D drawings from the Architect. The images were also used to support the planning application.

BIM Model creation

May 18, 2015
We have been busy in the 'CADmando Labs' helping manufacturers to meet their BIM strategy by creating BIM objects for their products. Manufacturers are realising the benefits of supplying Revit families for their products to designers leading to an increase in likelihood that they will be specified for a project that their models are integrated into at design stage.

Planning Drawings

March, 2018
We have loved working on this Grade II listed property. An impressive Regency Villa located in the heart of Cheltenham. We have assited in providing a full suite of drawings to support various planning applications at various stages of an impressive reinstatement of a gorgeous home. Typical drawings include Existing / Proposed Plans, Elevations and construction details


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